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Why is college important? "Even though I dropped out of college and was lucky enough to pursue a career in software, getting a degree is a much safer path to success," Gates said in 2015. In 2018, college graduates earned weekly salaries The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Americans with a degree earn an average weekly income of $ 1,173, compared with just $ 712 a week for those with a high school diploma. Employers treat college degrees as a representative of soft skills, and college graduates need to consider soft skills outside of their curriculum. Having heavy student loans is never encouraging, especially when almost 70% of college graduates in 2018 graduated in debt. Unfortunately, college diplomas will not become cheaper, as the data show that, on average, prices have doubled and tripled over the years, depending on the structure of the institution.

Reasons why you should go to college

A college education, if sincerely and honestly pursued, gives you the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career and your passions. A big part of ensuring the self-realization process is finding a school that is right for you, where you will feel safe and comfortable enough to allow yourself to grow and explore. Determining why college education is important involves more than just identifying the superficial benefits of more career opportunities.

Importance of college education

In fact, high school graduates have a mortality rate that is twice that of a college or college degree, the report said. The two are actually memories, albeit from very different points of view. InCrazy U, Andrew Ferguson, senior editor at Weeekly Standard, tells the story – the story – of a "middle-class" family leading their teenage son through the college application process. While higher education can easily be one of the biggest expenses of your lifetime, college offers opportunities for graduates that may not be as common for those without a college degree. In a way, I have to admit that I was fascinated by some of these articles – not that I found them, but that someone really researched these things and thought some of the articles were jealous. essay pro review

You are approaching high school graduation and you are wondering what to expect next. Of course, the thought of going directly to the workforce to generate instant income sounds exciting. But have you considered continuing your studies to expand your profit in today's economy?

"Professor X", the author of the underground tower In Ivory, is heard upwards and not upwards. He and his wife bought a house they could not afford at the wrong place in the house price bubble. His income from a low-level government job was insufficient to feed the mortgage, so he took a second job as an assistant professor, teaching low-skilled and "continuing education" students. The unemployment rate for Americans over 25 with a degree was 1.9% in December 2019, compared with 2.7% for those with multiple colleges or associates, 3.7% for high school graduates and 5.2% for high school dismissal. College graduates with jobs that do not require college degrees earn 30-40% less per week than those who work in jobs that require college degrees.

Thus, achieving college education is very important to open up a world of endless possibilities where you can withstand any challenge. Having a college degree will never disappoint you and you will be able to succeed. It also helps you develop skills that will prove useful for a lifetime. People who open a college degree never run out of demand compared to those who do not. Well-educated people always have many opportunities regarding their future and career development.

Many studies have shown that college graduates earn more than those without degrees. Even if you only get a two-year degree, chances are you can easily win someone who only has a high school diploma. No matter how the economy is in general, college graduates tend to cope better with the adversity of a low-income market.

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