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What to Do in Izmir Port

How Many Airlines In Istanbul Are There?

how many airports in Izmir

In my previous article, I discussed how many airports are there in Izmir. This article covers the other types of airports that are present in the city. While the number of airports is important to consider, the types of airports and their distances from each other are just as important.

The first type of airport you will find is the Domestic Airport. This airport serves all of Turkey’s domestic flights. The city also has an international airport and this one is located in Antalya. There are many domestic flights going to Izmir every day, making this airport a popular choice for tourists and travelers alike. You can find taxis at the airport and you can rent cars from airport parking facilities. However, if you wish to fly into this airport, you will need to use the airport bus service.

The second type of airport you will come across is the International Airport. This airport is one of the busiest airports in all of Turkey. In addition to offering international flights, this airport also offers domestic flights and a freight services center. Tourists often use this airport for convenience and comfort.

The third airport is the Regional Airport. This airport is also one of Turkey’s major airports and it is located near the city of Korkoy. It is one of the busiest airports in the country and offers both domestic and international flights. There are two international terminals at the Regional Airport and you can get taxis or cars to take you to the front and rear of the parking area. You can also use the freight services located here to bring your luggage to your hotel.

The last category of the airport you will come across is the International Airport. This is one of the largest airports in Turkey and is located right next to the town of Antalya. This airport serves domestic and international flights and it offers a wide range of services to their customers. Tourists often travel here to go on sightseeing tours and to experience a wonderful vacation.

When you visit IZmir, you will notice that there are a lot of different types of hotels there. There are luxurious hotels, budget-friendly hotels, and hostels. No matter which type of hotel you choose, you will surely have a great stay. There are many places in and around IZmir where you can eat, drink, and relax.


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