2-In-1 Multifunction Car Tire Inflator With Air Compressor And Vacuum Cleaner – Dc 12v


100% Brand New.

Size: 35cm x 14.5cm x 9.5cm (L x W x H) (Approx.)

Cable length: 255cm (Approx.)

Type: mini vacuum cleaner

The rated voltage: 220 V

The rated speed: 1500 r/min

Rated power input: 90 W

Vacuum suction: 500 mbar

Pump power: 120 W


300 psi air compressor and powerful vacuum cleaner be assembled in one compact unit

30″ high pressure air hose with quick release valve connector and gauge

10 feet power cord with universal lighter plug

With inflate/Vacuum reverse switch

Always detection tire pressure, reduce fuel consumption (with rapid pressure measuring table, two-way gas mouth joints connected trachea)

Products with duck tip suck, suck the gap and convenient Angle dirt. Fine workmanship, easy to carry, suction super, can quickly clean the car, the dust and small dirt, is your car essential good partner

Inflate the atmospheric pressure can be reached 250 PSI (general tire keep 35 PSI = 220 KPa can

Use car cigarette lighter power supply, fast to automobile, motorcycle tires inflated

Air time: 3-7 minutes of normal atmospheric pressure

Note: machine can’t be use in trucks;

If a short time pressure rising rapidly (three seconds to rise to 689 KPa), said air pressure blocked, no air into the tires, immediately switch off the power supply, take off the gas mouth, to operate

Inflatable every 15 minutes, needs to take rest @ intervals.

Only can be used for 12 V cigarette lighter power input

Package Content:

1 x Mini Vacuum Cleaner

1 x dust absorption Tube

1 x Tire Inflator (with lock device)


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