Auto Care Body Putty Car Scratch Repair Kit


Material: Grease
Color: See Pictures
Capacity: about 15g
Ingredients: synthetic resins, pigments, fillers
Hardening time: 1-2 hours (at room temperature)
Can be used to fill and level up dents with depth of less than 2mm, deep scratches or varnishes


1. The basic process: First with the attached 320 # water sandpaper wet depressions or scratching at the grinding process (grinding area must be slightly larger than the recess or scratching Office, and then washed and dried dirt and grease.
2. Fill soil landfill: Please fill in the soil thin out the right amount of fill soil as needed with special spatula fill, slightly higher than the surrounding.
3. Putty grinding: After completely hardened (about 1-2 hours at room temperature), with 320 # water sandpaper wet grinding smooth. If bubbles form, or when pits, repeat steps 2-3 job.
4. The grinding is completed: Water with a fine sandpaper 600 # to mend completely wet grinding smooth.

5. Paint finish: After completion, which can make the choice diy paint repair paint products


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