Car Air Purifier Car Humidifier Ozone Ionizer


Car Air Purifier Car Humidifier Ozone Ionizer


Top Rated Ionic Air Purifier Oxygen Bar Car Humidifier Ozone Ionizer

Product Description
Top Rated Car Air Purifiers Car air Humidifier Ozone Ionizer diffuser Car Fresh Air Anion Ionic Purifier Oxygen Bar

100% Brand New and High Quality
Size:Length about 8cm,Diameter about 2cm
Operating voltage: 12 V
Color:We have many colors as the picture show,and your order will be sent at random if you don’t note on papal


– Please do not disassembly of the product, internal high-voltage circuit, do not open the plug-state products.
– Do not use small pieces of metal into them, so as to avoid failure.
– Unplug when not in use, the battery voltage is too high to prevent damage to the machine.
– Do not use the appearance of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents to clean.
– Doors and windows open when power is turned off to stop using, to extend the service life.
– When you leave the car, please unplug the power distribution from the cigarette lighter port.
Package include:
1 PCS x Car Oxygen Bar Car


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