D900 Obd2 Diagnostic Scanner Tool & Kit Bag – 2018 Model


Package includes:
1x 2018 D900 diagnostic Car Scanner
1x Detachable OBD2 Extension Cable

This is an OBDII and EOBD scanner which supports the following protocols:
CAN/KWP 2000-ISO 9141-2-J1850 VPW-J1850 PWM
Supports ISO, VPW and PWM bus systems as well as can bus systems
Support vehicles:

U.S. Models – European – Japanese – Asian – German – Korean:
Suitable for almost all cars after 1996 .
GM ’96 – now (OBD-II)
Ford ’96 – now (OBD-II)
Chrysler ’96 – now (OBD-II)
Toyota ’96 – now (OBD-II)
Honda ’96 – now (OBD-II)
NISSAN ’96 – now (OBD-II)
All other – Asian and European ’96 – 2006(OBD-II)


1.Displays the DTC definitions on screen unlike previous models
2.Wider coverage: works with CAN-equipped vehicles
3.Reads and clears all generic, and some manufacturer, specific DTCs
4.Erase codes and reset MIL
5.Views OBD II Live data
6.Views OBD II freeze frame data
7.Displays I/M readiness status
8.Retrieves the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
9.Determines the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) status
10.Hand held and easy to use with one plug-in only
11.Highly reliable and accurate
12.Safely communicates with the onboard computer
13.No batteries needed for operation powered via detachable OBD2 cable
14.Battery compartment for off-vehicle reviewing or for when upgrading from PC

1.Display: backlight 128 x 64 pixel display with contrast adjustment
2.Easy-to-read screen and also saves up to 15 scans for later viewing.
3.Operating temperature: 0-50
4.External power: 8.0 to 15.0 volts provided by vehicle battery
5.Internal Power: 3 AAA battery (NOT included)

1.Power: directly from the vehicle or by X 3 AA batteries
2.Unit dimensions: 9 x 20 x 3cm
3.Screen dimensions: 6  by 4.5cm
4.Cable length: 109cm by 43″


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